Darren Curtis Skanson is Colorado's #1 Classical Guitarist. His performances stretch the breadth of Classical and Spanish guitar as well as wonderful modern guitar compositions by Skanson himself. He has produced ten classical CDs, including two that placed on Billboard’s “Top Classical” chart (“Classica”, 2000, #11, and “Solamente Romanz”, 2002, #8). Beethoven.com, the world’s most popular classical radio station, proclaimed him “…the most requested classical guitarist on Beethoven Radio”. 

   In addition to his performance career, Skanson is a prolific composer and arranger. In fact, this may be his real strength as a musician and his greatest contribution to the classical guitar community. He has composed over 200 original pieces for guitar and arranged a number of pieces by such composers as Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Pachelbel, Tchaikovsky, Tarrega, and others essential to the well-rounded classical guitar repertoire, Some of his pieces have not previously been arranged for guitar. Notable among them are Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, two versions of “Ave Maria” — Schubert and Bach/Gounod, and pieces from Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”. He has also written, in collaboration with cellist Wayne Templeman and producer and musician Tom Capek, cello and violin lines which surround the guitar or sometimes carry the melody. This is a large part of the creation of Skanson’s unique sound. In addition he has composed non-classical works for acoustic finger-style and 12-string guitar. He has made all music from his CDs available in printed form in a variety of notations, some including violin and cello parts.

  Currently, Skanson continues to compose, arrange, perform, and record out of his base at his Denver, CO, studio.